Available in widths ranging from 20 to 60 feet, this system simultaneously provides increased visibility for on-site vehicles leaving the construction area helping in the prevention of potential accidents. Visibility is also enhanced through the incorporation of window panels adjacent to the Overhead Gate. Structural stability is guaranteed by its secure attachment to our Plywood Fences and Covered Walkway protective systems.

Our 60’ Overhead Gate Protection helps to noticeably mitigate traffic congestion due to site activity by reducing the turning radius required and allowing for a smoother entering and exiting process.

The same characteristics in galvanizing procedures and painting apply to our Overhead Gate system as to all our products in general. These procedures insure a longevity to all components and help keep a neat appearance as well as a great resistance to any type of weather.

Features and Benefits

  • Quality assurance with galvanizing and painting process
  • Safe pedestrian passage / construction vehicle entrance
  • Available widths ranging from 20 to 60’
  • Offers increased visibility to on-site vehicles
  • Possible to incorporate window panels adjacent to the overhead gate structure to enhance visibility


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