We strive for excellence!


We are a powerful and innovative team force.  We are committed with the best field agents, inside sales representative, project administrators, and managers, engineers and technical designers.  Together we have streamlined an efficient and reliable process to service any project from design stage, estimating & budgets, and beyond to the  installation stage until the job is completed with full satisfaction.


The manufacturing process, production, research and development teams work closely together to design new ideas and build the product line to greater heights.


The fleet of equipment we have acquired elevate the capabilities of the installation crews.  Professional installers are able to set up the modular protective systems on your job-sites rapidly and systematically.


Our automation line arms us with the tools to provide highly customized solutions for challenging sites, while maintaining superior quality products that meet all safety specifications.


We  work with an eco friendly mindset, we recycle, rebuild and repair our products with the highest quality standards.


We are truly proud of the work we have accomplished together with our clients and firmly plan to elevate our industry standards and safety to even greater heights for many years to come.


You worry less because we do more!

At THM, we care!